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Betül Kurt, the artist, got her BA degree from The Marmara University Fine Arts Faculty Ceramic Department  in 1994. Moved to New York and lived there for a year then accepted to The George Washington University for MFA in Ceramics.
Grauated in 1998. Artist participated 16 exhibition and have 3 personal exhibition. İn 1998, she won an award in architectural ceramics, named “Crescents”.
She still lives in Mersin, Turkey.
She organize various of international workshops and produce her artworks in her studio.


You realise how your soul and real needs are nourished.That is the time when you plunge into the deep dive into the deep sea ,open your arms to fly .It’s like to start of an adventure.With this unique experience ; life without art ,living away from the love ,lost turn in to nightmare.

Pottery is the artists declaration of love to universe.The artist’s aim to live is the naive voice against the life.The art of pottery starts with a trip to deeps and essential.It is the only art that starts with the existence of human being changes with development of technology and embraces the different cultures.At this point there are just a few people who reject to touch the clay and hate pottery.

On the road to discover yourself ,expressivity starts if you open your heart by diving into the deeps of your soul.

Invitable communication between heart and brain makes the clay flow and at the end clay springs to life.When you shape the clay ,all your feelings fly in the fare of living and for the first time expressivity arouses.

I can not think of anything like the clay flowing into the heart and soul when artist gives life to clay between her hands .

In the art of pottery there is so much creativity that you can find yourself in heaven.So your existence counts represent immortality in another time.

Betül KURT